Cured In Place Pipes for Tampa, FL Homes and Businesses


Need to replace or repair a pipe when cutting floors, walls or digging up the pipe is impractical.


Install Epoxy inner wall lining to restore pipe.


Underground pipes or pipes in walls or ceilings. Cast-iron, steel, PVC, terra cotta, corrugated metal or reinforced concrete pipes, rain leaders and process piping.

Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP) Rehabilitation is a trenchless technology that restores the structural integrity of the pipe by inserting a liner into the pipe.

The process involves attaching an epoxy-soaked fiber lining to the inner wall of the original pipe. This restores the wall strength and flow characteristics of the pipe to as new or better capabilities.

CIPP technology has been used for over 25 years in municipal sewer rehabilitation and is accepted by state and local building departments.

CIPP is now available for all sizes and types of pipe that need to be structurally repaired due to leaks, corrosion, cracks and collapsing.

CIPP is used to repair pipes the are buried underground as well pipes embedded within structures such as walls or floors. The process takes only a few hours to complete. This is vital when avoiding customer downtime, disruption and when expensive reconstruction costs.

All material used in this system have been tested to meet Specification F1216 for CIPP. This specification requires the materials to be tested for a minimum design life of 50 years.

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