Commercial Hydro Jetting Tampa Florida

Commercial Hydro Jetting  Helps Drainage Problems


Persistent drainage problems. Heavy grease build-up and clogs in drain pipes. Rusty cast iron drains.


High-pressure water jet


Main lines and sewers, restaurant drains, commercial main lines, building drains and sewers, process piping, industrial, hospitals.

Although most drain pipe stoppages can be cleared with the a standard electric drain snake, there are times when that just isn’t enough. For years we have relied on the power of our Harben jet machines. These machines deliver eight times the cleaning force that ordinary jetters produce.

Powered by a 45-HP diesel engine, the Harben’s water jets can clean 200 feet of pipeline in one pass, completely cleaning the pipe instead of just unstopping it.

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Descaling Rust

The Harben is also equipped with a powerful rotating chain head that is used to de-scale cast iron pipes with years of built up rust, corrosion, hardened grease and tough deposits. Descaling can restore the pipe to its original diameter and make short work of those persistent drainage problems.