Ultrasonic Leak Detection Service Tampa

If your water bill is suddenly higher than normal or you hear a hissing noise in the walls near the plumbing, you might be experiencing an underground water leak.

Ultrasonic Leak DetectionUltrasonic
leak detection can pinpoint the source of underground leaks quickly and efficiently. Using the latest advances in ultra-sound, infrared and radiodetection, hidden leaks can be found and repaired without major disruption to the home. Most under-slab leaks can be repaired through a small hole in the concrete less than one foot in diameter.

If you think you might be having an underground leak first check to see if:

  • There is nothing running such as an outside hose bibb or a faucet.
  • Check to see if one of the toilets is running.
  • If you continue to hear the sound, call Grable Plumbing immediately to further diagnose the problem.

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