Water Pipe Leaks Repair in Tampa & throughout Hillsborough County

Water Pipe Leaks RepairA water pipe leak can be a serious problem and result in big damages to your home. Even small leaks, left undetected, can damage the home’s structure and grow dangerous molds.

Hidden leaks can be found quickly with ultrasonic leak detection, saving you time and money.

You can count on Grable Plumbing for a rapid response, quality work, great warranties, and of course, Peace of Mind Guarantee. Ask your Grable plumber for more information.

Flooding The Home

If you are experiencing a water pipe leak that is flooding your home right now:

  • Immediately turn the water off to the home.
  • If you are unsure how to do that, call Grable Plumbing at (813) 239-3636 and we will tell you where to locate the shut-off.
  • If you don’t feel comfortable turning the water off, let us know and Grable Plumbing will have a technician there within minutes.

Pin-Hole Leaks on Copper Pipe

Some of Hillsborough County’s water has a corrosive effect on copper water pipes. This results in a steady corrosion of the copper pipes – releasing copper oxide and lead from the solder joints into the drinking water.

As the interior of the pipe gets thinner and thinner tiny pinholes develop that cause leaks. Although they can be located and repaired with the help of ultra sonic leak detection, eventually the pipe system must be replaced with new pipes. This procedure is known as a re-pipe. To learn more about Grable Plumbing’s re-pipe methods click here.

Polybutylene Pipe Problems

Polybutylene is a soft, gray plastic pipe that was widely-used from the mid- 70’s to the mid- 90’s across the nation. Since then it has become known that polybutylene deteriorates over time and leaks. The manufacturers of polybutylene are participating in a pipe replacement program at no cost to the homeowners.

If you purchased a house, mobile home or other structure in the United States after September 12, 1999 that contains plumbing composed of polybutylene pipe with plastic or metal insert fittings and was installed between January 1, 1978 and July 31, 1995, you may be eligible for a re-pipe at no cost to you.

If you are concerned that your home might have polybutylene water pipes, give Grable Plumbing a call and we’ll be happy to drop by at no charge to find out if your home has polybutylene pipes.

High Water Bill

If your home’s water bill is suddenly higher than normal or you hear a hissing noise in the walls near the plumbing, you might be experiencing an underground water leak.

  • Make sure there is nothing running such as a hidden outside faucet or the lawn irrigation system.
  • Check to see if one of the toilets is running.
  • If you continue to hear the sound, contact Grable Plumbing right away.