Brandon Water Softener

Did you know that installing a water softener can save you money? That is right, hard water is eating up your money. Need proof? Get out your calculator.

How much do you spend on shampoo, soap, dish-washing liquid and cleaning detergent? How much do you have to use to get a decent amount of suds? Hard water making soap work harder, counteracts soap’s lathering properties, leaving, instead a sticky, scummy film.

Did you find that your last hot water heater did not last as long as you’d expected? That’s because the minerals that dissolved in your water supply, the ones that make it “hard” in the first place, solidified into scale. The scale built up in the water heater’s tank, and shortened its life.

How much did the new once cost? How much will it cost to replace the other items hard water is harming? Things like your:

  • coffee machine
  • washing machine
  • dishwasher
  • faucets and fixtures
  • not to mention corroding pipes

Add all that up, and it is a no brainer that hard water, especially here in Florida, can soak up your money. Whether you live in Tampa or Brandon, a water softener system can practically pay for itself. Properly installed by a qualified Grable Plumbing company, a water softening device will remove minerals from your water as it is pumped into your home – before it can do any damage. The bottom line is that a water softener can save money spent on cleaning products, heating costs and appliances.

To get more information on installing the size and type of water softener your house needs, contact Grable Plumbing, your Tampa Bay plumbing company, and your Brandon water softener experts.

Brandon water softener