Garbage Disposal Repair in Tampa, Brandon, Westchase, Wesley Chapel, Land O Lakes & Surrounding Regions

garbage disposal repairGarbage disposal repair and installation are just two of the hundreds of services the plumbing experts at Grable Plumbing provide to residential and commercial customers. Grable Plumbing is the State Certified Plumbing Contractor that Tampa Bay area residents and business owners have trusted and relied on since 1978. Our experienced and highly skilled plumbers are proudly recognized in the community as the “Knights in Shining Armor”. Our customers know they can call us when a garbage disposal stops working, a grease trap is completely clogged, a pipe burst or any other plumbing problems unexpectedly occur.

Our plumbers at Grable Plumbing often find that garbage disposal repair calls are sometimes user related. Most disposals are designed only to handle food waste. Clogs and other damages often occur when items such as the following and more are put into a disposal:

  • Sponges, Cleansing Cloths and Other Non-Food Items
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Cooking Grease
  • Poultry, Beef or Pork Bones
  • Fruit Pits

Proper disposal usage and maintenance helps prevent disposal repairs and replacements along with related plumbing problems such as clogged drains. Garbage disposals need to be run regularly. Cold water should run continuously while the disposal is running. Grinding ice cubes helps keep blades sharp, and cut-up lemons and ice cubes work to keep disposals clean, fresh and free of bad odors.

We often suggest that homeowners in Tampa, Brandon, Westchase, Wesley Chapel, Land O’ Lakes and surrounding regions first try to free a stuck or jammed disposal before scheduling a garbage disposal repair service call, but it is important to use caution when working in or around the blades. More complicated plumbing problems associated with a garbage disposal always require the professional skills of our Grable Plumbing plumbers. We offer 24/7 service and free estimates on all of our residential and commercial plumbing services. In addition, our Grable Plumbing Peace of Mind Guarantee ensures complete satisfaction, so you can have confidence that our plumbing work is always completed properly. Contact a courteous Grable Plumbing associate for more information or a free repair estimate.