Pipe Locator Services for Homes & Businesses in Tampa, Brandon, Plant City, & Across Hillsborough County

Pipe locatorWhether you’re having a problem somewhere deep inside your piping system, you’re thinking about remodeling, or you simply want to add an extra faucet, the first step is knowing the exact location of the pipes in your home or business. That can seem a daunting task, considering the maze of pipes located beneath the floors and inside the walls, but Grable Plumbing is here to help. Since 1984, our fast, friendly technicians have been providing expert pipe locator services, and we utilize the latest in high-tech equipment to provide the most accurate, precise solutions.

A Tampa plumber from Grable Plumbing will use a number of innovative technologies in our pipe locator services, including:

  • Radiodetection – this is a method of pipe locating achieved by inducing a signal into the pipe. We can either directly contact the pipe with a transmitter, or use a broadcast coil mounted on the surface for indirect induction. We are then able to map and locate pipes hidden underground or within walls with a handheld receiving antenna on the surface.
  • Ground penetrating radar – this pipe locating technology allows us to locate pipes below the surface, even under reinforced concrete, sidewalks, or asphalt. It is fast, reliable, and safe.

Regardless of the size or scope of your plumbing job, let our Tampa plumbers help you take the first step of the way by providing our outstanding pipe locator services. By knowing the exact location of your pipes, you can take the guesswork out of the equation and prevent any unnecessary hassles or costs. This dedication to our customers has earned Grable Plumbing accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, as well as multiple awards from one of America’s top consumer rating companies.

To learn more about our pipe locator services for homes and businesses in Tampa, Plant City, Brandon, and throughout Hillsborough County, contact us today.