Pipe Leak Repair for Homes & Businesses throughout Tampa, Plant City, Land O’ Lakes & across Hillsborough County

Pipe leakWhether it’s a pinhole-sized leak in a copper pipe or a plastic pipe that has burst completely, a pipe leak of any size can eventually cause massive water damage to a home or business if left undetected and untreated. If a water bill is suddenly higher than normal, or there is an audible hissing sound in the walls near the plumbing, a pipe leak may be the culprit. Luckily for homeowners and business owners in the Tampa area and throughout all of Hillsborough County, Grable Plumbing has been providing customers with expert pipe repair since 1984. We can be on the spot, 24/7, to quickly and accurately take care of any plumbing problem.

Grable Plumbing’s knowledgeable, fully licensed, and insured staff of technicians is armed with innovative technology to help diagnose, repair and even prevent pipe leak situations. Some possible signs of a pipe leak include:

  • Constantly running toilets and dripping faucets
  • Running water sounds when nothing is in use
  • Walls that feel wet or soft to the touch
  • Ceilings and walls that have developed colored spots
  • Cracked or unusually damp foundation or slab
  • Excessive moisture around foundation and floors
  • Unusual spike in water bills
  • Persistent sewer backup

In the event of one or more of these warning signs, don’t delay – call Grable Plumbing immediately. Using the latest in plumbing technology, Grable Plumbing’s technicians can craft a solution that is often much less invasive and intrusive than playing a guessing game to figure out the exact location of a leak. In fact, this expert, accurate service and a dedication to customer care has earned Grable Plumbing multiple awards from one of America’s top consumer rating companies, as well as accreditation from the Better Business Bureau.

Don’t let a tiny pinhole pipe leak turn into a gigantic hassle and costly mess. At the first sign of a potential leak, contact Grable Plumbing immediately for a prompt, professional diagnosis and solution to any plumbing problem.