Tankless Hot Water Heater for Sun City, Gulf City, Adamsville & Neighboring Areas

tankless hot water heaterPurchasing and installing a tankless water heater is one of the hottest trends today for people who are looking to save on their energy costs. Grable Plumbing has the products and expert plumbers to put superior tankless water heaters in any home or office and keep them running for years to come. For quality plumbing fixtures and equipment as well as superior professional services such as plumbing repair, drain cleaning, sewer replacement and more, Grable Plumbing has been the plumbing specialist who is most trusted by area residents and business owners since 1978.

Grable Plumbing offers the highest quality tankless hot water heater equipment from the top manufacturers in the industry including Takagi and Rheem. In addition to offering average energy savings from 30% to 50% over traditional water heaters, tankless water heaters are popular for other reasons such as providing an instant and continuous supply of hot water and featuring a small wall mounted design that takes up much less valuable space than other types of water heaters. Over 15 tankless solutions are available from Rheem Manufacturing Company including the following and more:

  • Professional Prestige Series 95 Direct Vent Indoor
  • Professional Prestige Series 95 Outdoor
  • Tankless Mid-Efficiency 95 Direct Vent Indoor
  • Tankless Mid-Efficiency 84 Outdoor
  • Tankless Electric RTE 27

Traditional water heaters may offer a better solution than a tankless water heater in certain circumstances. Clients who are unsure of which type of water heater to purchase can always count on Grable Plumbing water heater specialists to explain the advantages and disadvantages of both for particular situations.

People in Sun City, Gulf City, Adamsville and the neighboring areas sometimes consider buying a tankless water heater when sediment is coming out of their faucets and they think they need to replace their unit. Grable drain cleaning services often resolve water sediment problems in faucets and water heaters without the need for a water heater replacement. Contact us today for more information on tankless heaters or to schedule a drain cleaning service.