Underground Pipe Installation, Service, & Repair for Homes and Businesses in Tampa, Brandon, Plant City, & All of Hillsborough County

Underground pipeYou may not be able to see it, but the vast network of underground pipe beneath your home or business is there, shuttling liquids throughout your plumbing system day and night. But if there’s a pipe leak or other problem with these pipes, you may be completely unaware of it, considering they are buried deep under the earth. Making matters worse is the fact that Florida’s soils are frequently corrosive to underground pipe. This is because either the soil was once a marshy area that has acidic soils, or the soil was dredged from a marine environment. To complicate the issue, electrolysis can further accelerate pipe corrosion.

Furthermore, a serious concern when making underground pipe repairs in the Tampa area is wet soil. As anyone who has dug a hole in the Tampa area knows, water is not far beneath the surface. Wet, muddy soils are unstable and allow the pipes to shift and settle. This can cause bellies to develop in the pipeline or worse, cause the pipe to separate.

Although not much can be done about the destructive nature of some of Tampa’s soils, Grable Plumbing often can do something to keep underground pipes resilient. Since 1984, we’ve been providing expert plumbing services throughout Hillsborough County, including helping homeowners and business owners with their underground pipe systems. We can make changes in the pipe system that eliminate the destructive force of electrolysis, and we know exactly what to do in wet soils, guaranteeing the stability of the pipeline and assuring you of complete confidence in your system. Our knowledgeable technicians also utilize the latest in high-tech equipment, such as radiodetection, pipe locator systems, and ground penetrating radar, to create a pipe map of your plumbing system that shows us precisely where everything is located.

Don’t spend another day wondering if there may be a problem with your underground pipe system. If you suspect something may be wrong, contact Grable Plumbing right away. Our efficient, reliable service and customer focus have earned us multiple awards from one of America’s top consumer rating companies, as well as accreditation from the Better Business Bureau.

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