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Heat. Humidity. Thunderstorms. Florida weather can feel unbearable when your AC system starts acting up. And with 4,500 air conditioning contractors in the Tampa area, it can be hard to know which contractor to choose to fix the problem. 

Only 22% of AC contractors in the Tampa area are accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and Grable Plumbing & Air is at the top of that list! Our business is family-owned and operated with a highly-skilled team of technicians that you can trust with all your plumbing, air conditioning, and heating (HVAC) needs.

We Handle All Types of AC Repairs

You name it, we fix it! We tackle all kinds of AC repairs, from minor “what-is-this-water-doing-here” leaks to major “nothing-is-cold” system breakdowns.

There are a few problems we tend to see time and time again:

Compressor Problems

The motorized compressor pressurizes the refrigerant to release heat from the air and keep your HVAC system working properly. If the compressor isn’t working correctly, it can trigger additional problems.

Fan Issues

Your air conditioner also has two fans. Either fan can develop issues with the belts, motor, or blades, causing reduced AC performance, or even a total breakdown.

Refrigerant Leaks

And although refrigerant leaks are common, they are pesky and difficult to locate. Leaky refrigerant lowers the level of refrigerant for your whole HVAC system, which can cause many problems.

We can also fix:

  • Capacitor failure
  • Dirty air filter
  • Electric issues (such as a circuit breaker tripping)
  • Frozen evaporator coil
  • Leaking ducts
  • Strange noises or smells
  • Thermostat problems
  • Water leak (inside or outside of the house)
  • Weak airflow, no cool air, or hot airflow

Grable Plumbing & Air can determine the problem and repair any AC unit quickly and efficiently.

Call Us For Emergency AC Repair Services

In addition to standard Tampa air conditioning repair services, we offer emergency services for homes and businesses, including:

  • AC units
  • Compressors
  • Condensers
  • Ductwork
  • Thermostats

Contact our air conditioning experts for emergency repairs, regular maintenance checks, or if you’re simply unsure what your air conditioning unit needs. If you suspect something is wrong with your cooling system, we can make a quick service call to diagnose and fix the problem. The longer you wait, the more your issue can worsen.

tech working on AC unit

Curious About AC Repair Costs?

HomeAdvisor shows that homeowners spend an average of $168 to $618 on an AC repair. The extent of your AC unit problems will determine how much repairs will cost.

Perhaps you only need a duct cleaning. On the other hand, our technicians may determine it may be time to replace your old, inefficient, or broken AC unit. If that’s the case, you may need to spend anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, depending upon what type of unit you require and if other parts of your HVAC system also need to be replaced.

But not to worry–Grable  Plumbing & Air promises to always give you a fair quote upfront before beginning any work so that you can feel confident in the value of our HVAC repair services.

Be sure to ask about our warranty information, too!

What Happens During an AC Repair Visit?

This will depend on your AC system’s problem.
If you need a tune-up, the technician will go through the AC maintenance checklist to ensure each part of the AC unit is working correctly. This includes cleaning the dirty components, lubricating the motors, and replacing the air filter. The contractor will also test your thermostat to ensure it’s working properly.
For more extensive problems, the AC technician will run thorough diagnostic testing. Once they understand the issue, they can guide you on any needed repairs.

What to Consider Before Hiring an HVAC Contractor

Start by looking for BBB-accredited businesses. This accreditation shows that a business is committed to conducting itself according to the following ethical standards:

  • Acting with integrity
  • Advertising honestly
  • Being responsive and transparent
  • Building trust
  • Resolving customer complaints

However, there are several other key factors to keep in mind when hiring an HVAC contractor. These include:

  • Licensing and insurance
  • Experience and credentials
  • Competitive pricing

The most important thing your AC repair company needs is proper licensing and insurance. Should any problems occur during the repair, you want to know that you’re working with a reliable contractor who will correct the problem.

Our Story

Founded in 1978 by Bill Grable, Grable Plumbing & Air was born when Bill became a plumber’s assistant to pay for night school to become a neurosurgeon. He was fascinated with the work and discovered there was a strong need for highly skilled workers to have a company that supported them.

It wasn’t long before Grable Plumbing & Air became the premier plumbing service company in the Tampa Bay area. We are still family-owned!

If you need an AC repair in Tampa, FL, look no further than Grable Plumbing & Air.

Check out our reviews to see what past customers have to say about our services.

Our Service Areas

We proudly offer services throughout the greater Tampa area. Some areas we serve are:

  • Apollo Beach
  • Brandon
  • Carrollwood
  • Citrus Park
  • Fish Hawk
  • Land-o-Lakes
  • Lutz
  • South Tampa
  • Sun City
  • Temple Terrace
  • Wesley Chapel
  • Valrico

If you need AC repair in Tampa, Florida, but don’t see your community on this list,  please reach out–we may still be able to assist you.

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