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Grable Plumbing & Air is the Lutz plumbing company known for bringing excellent customer service to the world of plumbing. Say goodbye to the days of hiring a rude plumber who makes a bigger mess than the one they fix! Count on us for any and all of your plumbing service needs and enjoy the red-carpet treatment that has made us famous.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has given us an A+ for our outstanding customer service. Angie’s List awarded us the Super Service Award for combining great workmanship and great values, too. With top professional groups recognizing our service greatness, isn’t it time you do, too?

Call (813) 239-3636 to schedule a plumbing service in Lutz. Free estimates are available!

Plumbing Jobs Handled by a Master

Bill Grable is a Master Plumber, which means he has an extensive history of intensive plumbing training, education, and experience. Becoming a Master Plumber is rare within the industry, marking him as one of only a handful in all of Florida offering their services to homeowners and business owners alike. Under the wise and knowledgeable guidance of Mr. Grable, we can confidently handle any sort of plumbing job you need. There is nothing that can throw our Master Plumber-led team off their game!

We Provide These Lutz Plumbing Services & More:

  • Backflow testing and preventionBackflow in your home’s plumbing system can be a health hazard if it allows contaminated and used water to mix with your potable water. Our services can test for dangerous backflow and install prevention systems as needed.
  • Drain clearingBusting up bad clogs is second nature to our Lutz plumbers. If you have a drain that doesn’t drain, then we have a solution.
  • Leak detectionThe tiniest leak hiding in your plumbing system can eventually cause massive problems if it is left unaddressed. Using state-of-the-art plumbing equipment and technologies, we can detect the leak at its source and make fixes as required.
  • RepipingFixing a broken pipe doesn’t always mean replacing it. Repiping allows us to recoat or patch up a pipe while it is still installed in your home’s pipework. You’ll be amazed at the convenience offered by this service!
  • Sewer line servicesIf you have been smelling an unusual odor in your home lately, then the problem is likely related to the sewer line. Any part of your sewer system under your property is your responsibility to maintain and repair, not the city’s. Call us at (813) 239-3636 for all types of sewer line services.
  • Water filtration system installationStart enjoying the water in your home with a water filtration system installed by our Lutz plumbers. Water filtration removes harsh chemicals and hard minerals from your water, improving its taste, texture, and overall quality.
  • Water heater servicesKeeping your family happy depends more on your water heater than you might realize. With a fully functioning water heater, everyone gets a hot shower at the end of a long day! Talk to our team about upgrading your water heater to a new model if you’ve been running out of hot water.
  • Water pressure adjustmentsIncorrect water pressure in your home’s plumbing system can be problematic for a few reasons. Pressure that’s too low causes a weak water flow, which makes cleaning dishes and showering unpleasant. Pressure that’s too high can damage and break pipes. We have water pressure adjustment services in Lutz that can correct either situation.

Emergency Plumbing Services in Lutz, 24/7/365

You can’t predict when a plumbing crisis is going to strike. That’s why Grable Plumbing & Air in Lutz proudly offers emergency plumbing services conducted by a highly experienced team of plumbers. Whether it is Saturday at 2:00 AM or Christmas morning, we can arrange to be at your property as soon as possible to fix a plumbing emergency, like a broken pipe causing flooding throughout your home!

For fast and reliable plumbing services in Lutz, call (813) 239-3636 or contact us online.





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